**Prices are subject to change without notice. 

**Dazzle Dry Collection Avail.**

Dazzle Dry Manicure: $35.00
Dazzle Dry Pedicure: $60.00
Dazzle Dry French: $65.00

  Natural Nail & Foot Care

Regular Powder Dip: $48.00
French Powder Dip: $53.00
Acrylic Fill with Gel: $48.00
Regular Acrylic Fill: $38.00

Manicure Services

Gel Manicure 45 Min
Complete filing and shaping of the nails. Nails are polished with Gel Shellac, lasting up to two weeks. If you are a busy woman, this service is perfect for you. For a more sophisticated look, try our gel French for additional charge.

$38.00 French $5.00

Water Manicure 30 Min
Complete shaping of the nails and cleaning of the cuticles. To prevent nail damage and exfoliate the skin, we use a sanitizing tablet to create a rich lathering soak. This is followed by a tension relieving hand massage with moisturizing rich lotion and finished with nail polish of your choice.


Paraffin Treatments 15 Min
For your tired hands and feet, we recommended this treatment for aching joints during any season
(This can be booked with any service)

Hands $18.00
Feet $ 18.00

1077 Osgood Street
N. Andover, MA 01845
Tel: 978-327-5156

Nail Enhancements: Acrylics

Full-Set with tips 45 Min
To achieve the natural look of acrylic nails, we extend the nails with tips. We then overlay them with acrylics.

$48.00 Full Set
*With Gel Color Add $10 More 
*With French Gel $15 More
$33.00 Refill
*With Gel Color Add $10 More
*With French Gel $15 More

Pink and White Acrylics
To achieve a classy French manicure look without the hassle or chipping of polish, we use a white acrylic tip to enhance the nail and overlay it with a pink acrylic to give it a natural polished look.

$68.00 Full Set
$53 Refill

Nail Removal

With manicure $33.00
Without manicure $18.00
Broken Nail $13.00

Nail Polish Change

Hands -French $23.00
Toes-French $28.00

Pedicure Services

Mini Pedicure (For students only) 30 Min
Sit back, relax and soak your feet in a warm moisturizing bath. Following proper grooming of nails, receive a gentle massage with lotion to revitalize tired feet. Finish this service with nail polish of your choice.

$43.00 (High School Students Only)
$48.00 (Adults Only)

SPA Pedicure for Students under 18 Years Old

Deluxe Pedicure 45 Min
Relax your feet in a warm invigorating soak, while aromatherapy lotion is used to relieve the stress your feet endure. Then receive a massage on the entire lower part of your legs. This treatment also includes a paraffin dip, proper nail care and a hot stone massage, followed by nail polish of your choice.



Eyebrows $18.00
Lip $15.00
Chin $15.00
Complete Face $43.00
Under Arm $25.00
Lower Arm $38.00
Bikini $43.00
Brazilian $63.00
Upper Leg $38.00
Lower Leg $38.00
Complete Leg $58.00
Back (price upon consultation) 

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